Friday, June 26, 2009

Around the House

These past few weeks I've gotten a terrible itch to paint and spruce up the house. I posted pictures of my bathroom already which is almost finished except for the floor. Next week I'm hoping to work on painting my bedroom and the hallway leading up to the bedroom....the paint I need is going on sale next I'm waiting patiently.

I bought some curtains for my bedroom, I'm anxious to get those hung up but the painting needs to be done first. When that's all done I am hoping to paint my kitchen. I ordered some new curtains for that and I can't wait until they come. They are really nice curtains(just what I've been looking for) but I spent way more then I wanted to on them. I was so focused on the curtains being on sale & was in such a hurry to order them before the sale ended that I wasn't really paying attention to what I was ordering. When I looked at the picture online it showed the windows with valances, swags, and tiers. It stated it was sold as a set. So I thought I was getting those three things in a set for one widow. Well, that was not the case....I was getting a set of tiers for one window....valances and swags were not included. My order for the tiers had already been shipped & I was looking forward to hanging these curtains so much, I broke down and ordered just the valances...doubling the cost of the curtains...ugh!

On another note...Four of our 15 chickens died. It wasn't the most pleasant death for them I'm sure. We have 3 huskies that live outside in their dog pen....well they found a break in their fence and found their way to the chicken coop. The door to the chicken coop was open and the inside wire wasn't strong enough to keep them out. Poor chickens didn't even see what was coming : (

Well that's it for today. If I ever finish my projects...I will try to post pictures.

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wifeandmom said...

Sounds like fun... curtains and painting. :) Do post pics. You have great taste so I am sure the end result will be beautiful.

Sorry about the chickens... Poor things. Well, that is farm life I guess. I didn't know you have 3 husky dogs. How fun! We need a couple of farm dogs. I am just not in the postion to care for or train anything else right now.

Hope you have a great weekend!