Monday, June 8, 2009

Bathroom Makeover

Awhile ago I told you about trying to redo my bathroom on a budget. It's not completely finished. The flooring still needs to be replaced and the trim hung back up. I don't have before pictures...just picture bare white walls.
The butter fly picture above is an Anne Gedde picture that I boought at Aldi years ago. I had it hung in a different room but moved into the bathroom because I thought I looked better in here.

I got the floating shelf for $6 at a closeout store. The picture frame was $3...I bought two. the other one is hung on the other side of the roon. I printed out black and white photos that I took of my kids and put them in those frames.


~Bren~ said...

Beautiful. I would love to have that tub!

His Tender Mercies said...

Thanks Bren....I love the tub...haven't always loved the color but now that I found colors to work with it..I actually like the color. I don't think the pictures do the bathroom justice. It really looks so much nicer then it did before. It's now my favorite room in the house.

wifeandmom said...

Your bathroom is gorgeous! So smartly put together too. I love the color scheme and your tub is a small swimming pool. We have a big tub too (not as big as yours) but I find I don't use it much because I worry about using so much water. Silly, huh? Now is the time I should be using it more as my back hurts more by evening time.

I love what you have done here. So pretty! Thanks for sharing. :)

His Tender Mercies said...

Thank you. It was difficult at first to decide what color to paint because of the color of the bath tub but I just went with the color scheme of the shower curtain.
I would have loved to have this tub when I was would have helped so much with all the aches and pains. It does use alot of water & I don't use it as much as I use to because of that.

SimpleMommy said...

I like the layout of your bathroom!

You did wonderfully on a budget! It looks so relaxing and inviting!