Monday, July 6, 2009

Future Plans?

There is so much rolling around in my head right now . Why, you might ask? My husband and I have been discussing putting our house up for sale. If we were able to sell our home for what we want for it, we could pay off all of our debt and most likely be able to pay cash for some property to build a house on. We would plan on renting something until we could build & while we were building . I know some of you much be saying "good luck with that one". It seems so impossible to me too because of the economy and sinking housing market. I know though that we have a God that is more powerful than our economy and can make anything possible if He wills it....even selling our house. We are wanting to get rid of our debt and this is the only fast way we could figure out how to do it. I know to some it sounds like building a new house in this economy could never work, but it would actually lighten our load, financially speaking , because my husband does this for a living....we could literally build it ourselves.

Today I drove past some property not far from us and I have to say I love it! I can't wait for my husband to see it. I'm just waiting/praying to see if this is the direction the Lord is leading us. I'm really trying so hard to not get ahead of myself......but patiently letting the Lord do His work in His time. Please pray for us and this situation.

I guess the urge I've had to spruce up our house gets us that much closer to getting our house ready to sell : ) Well that it's for now....I need to get of this computer. Have a great day!


wifeandmom said...

I love your idea! I think it's very smart and it sounds like an adventure the whole family would get to be in on and help with. It could be a great experience. I will be praying with you all about this. I like what you said about with God all things are possible. So true!

His Tender Mercies said...

Thanks Rebecca, your prayers are so appreciated! I was wondering about you....I hadn't seen any new posts on your blog or heard from you. I thought you might have had the baby : ) Anytime now....I'll keep my eyes open for the announcement.