Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Going Ons

First off I want to say thank you for your comment are such a sweet always have something positive and so kind to say! I wish we lived near one another.

So whats been going on with me....not really a whole least nothing that I feel like blogging about. I just figure maybe it's best to keep things to myself...if they aren't so positive....I don't want to bum every one out : ) As you know we are trying to sell our house but haven't had much activity. Trying to be content with the way things are. We have been sick and I'm not feeling my best. The sickies started 12 days ago. My youngest...who is 3, woke me up from a sound sleep ( she sleeps in my bed snuggled between her daddy & I ) laughing very loudly. I asked her what was so funny....she laughed loudly again and that's when I realized she was sleeping. As I touched her I could feel she was burning up with a fever. I woke her to give her some Tylenol and try to get her to drink some cool water. She settled back into bed and went to sleep. She was pretty tired and irritable the next day and felt feverish but was fine by the following day. Several days later my other kids weren't feeling well.... feverish, headaches, dizzy , tired and vomiting. They were better after a few days. Then Sunday I started to not feel well . It seems like a head cold or sinus thing with me & just a drained feeling. I was feeling feverish but took some Tylenol and it helped. I'm still not feeling great but better then I was.

Sunday we also celebrated my daughter's 11th birthday. We didn't have big plans because of our money situation but let me tell you that the Lord really blessed that day. Since my daughter loves horses, we went to a local horse farm that was having a free horse gentler presentation. He showed us step by step how to tame a horse that had never been ridden. He kind of tells a story comparing the steps involved in training the horse to mans' relationship with God & giving the gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ at the same time. It's called Wild Horse was really cool! It nearly brought me to tears. It's so neat when you see someone who loves the Lord and is using every part of his life to glorify God and share the gospel truth.

When we first got there a lady was passing out tickets (they were free too) for a door prize(s)drawing. When I got the ticket ,of course one of my first thoughts was..."I won't win anything...I never do....even those silly little baby/wedding showers games."
I decided to look around at some of the items for sale...wanted to get my daughter one of the horse t-shirts with the name of the ministry on it, but money being tight I didn't even consider it. At the end of the presentation they started drawing the tickets out of the hat to give away the prizes. I don't remember what all the prizes were but I do know that all the prizes were two were alike. They started calling off numbers one after another and none of us (our family that is) had a matching ticket. Finally they called off the very last ticket for the last door prize and guess what? I HAD A WINNING TICKET! and guess what I won?..... A T-SHIRT!! A t-shirt for my daughter's b-day! Isn't God simply wonderful! Not just because He allowed me/us to have something that we wanted but because He cares and He knows our every thought, every desire, every fear, every burden, every heartbreak, every struggle, every disappointment.....every detail of our lives!

These past weeks have been a struggle for us ...not that we are any different then alot of families. Actually we really probably don't have it all that bad but ya know when it's your own struggle, now matter how big or small it still affects you personally. It's been hard to see my husband work so hard but still be financially burdened trying to care for his family. We are working on trying to make our lifestyle fit our income( which as been down since this recession hit) & one of those ways to do so is to sell our house. It's had us both discouraged for several reasons but one being we see how poorly the housing market is doing and I guess it leaves us not so optimistic. So this past Sunday was especially sweet because the Lord showed me His working/presence/grace in our daily lives....through something as little as a t-shirt. He's in control. I know as a Christian I should believe that truth for the simple fact that God's word says He is with us & He is sovereign, but you know it's just that much sweeter when He shows it in a very visible way.

So I hope my post hasn't bummed you out but encouraged you in the Lord : )


The McKinney Family said...

Hi. I just wanted to write you to let you know that our family will be praying for your family. I know how discouraged you feel; even though we know God will provide, it's so hard not knowing the exact details of how He'll do it. The sentence you wrote about it being hard to watch your husband work so hard and still not be able to provide for his family the way he wants to really hit home for me. I struggle with the same thing: thinking that my husband is so Godly and wants so much to glorify God with our life as a family, and yet he's exhausted from just trying to make ends meet. I don't tell you this to make you feel like my problems are worse- I'm sure they're not. But I thought it might help to know that there's someone else out there struggling with the same things and even having the same thoughts and feelings. (Even selfish ones like: Why are other people, who could care less about glorifying God or raising a Godly family, rich or not having to work hard for what they have? I don't know if you struggle with that but I really do!) Anyhow, I'm going to share your post with my husband and we'll be praying for you. And I'm so excited about your daughter's t-shirt- it's so amazing how He cares about even the seemingly "little" desires of our hearts!
Kate McKinney

Just Me said...

Thank you Kate for your prayers! Yes I do understand those same feelings you have. My husband works very hard physically and never complains , but never seems to get ahead. Then their are other that just seem to get things handed to them and they don't have to lift a finger.

The McKinney Family said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment :). As for the new blog, I copied and pasted it into google and it came up. One of my links on the new blog isn't working, either, so I'm not sure what's going on, but no amount of typing it in a rechecking to make sure I typed it correctly seems to help. I don't know what to do about it... :)

Rebecca said...

Hey! I would like to comment on your post but I've plum run out of time today. Thank you though for your sweet comment about me. I did want to tell you I started a new blog. One I can make public. :) The link should lead you there. I don't know how much time I'll have for it, but here is is anyway.

I will check back in later. Take care. Have a great day!!!


Rebecca said...

Okay, so now I have a second to comment on this great, GREAT post.

I am sorry your family got sick. Ugh. That is not fun... I trust you guys are all better now and back on your feet again. I think it's going to be a rough season since it seems Fall may come early and this new Flu virus running around and mutating. We'll need to cover ourselves and family in prayer for protection for sure.

The story of your daughter's is amazing. Simply amazing. God is so good! I love how eloquently you put all of that. It really shows the gratitude in your heart.

Times are tight right now - for a lot of American's. We are really adjusting our finances too as my husband's job is hanging on by a mere thread. We are bracing ourselves that he may lose it any day now and the jobs in my husband's field are scarce at best - in this area anyway. It is scary but it's also a time to trust in the Lord, our provider. I am one to believe He means all things for our good if we love Him.

And don't you worry about discouraging folks. You have not discouraged but encouraged. This was a sweet post about God's sweet provision and care for us. Keep them coming. You have a gift for sharing what He is doing in the life of your family and that is such a blessing!