Monday, August 24, 2009

Preparing for School.

Oh my goodness I'm so behind with getting things ready for this school year. I have figured out what I'm using but still have to order what I need. Just waiting for the funds ; )

I've decided to have my oldest 2 children do all of their homeschooling on the computer using the Switched on Schoolhouse curriculum. It allows them to work very independently...even grades their work. I really need it to be that way right now...for those of you who have teenagers you might know what I mean ; ) I am going to have to get a second computer....hoping to find something inexpensive (used or new)

My younger two who are 8 & 11 ...I will be doing My Father's World unit study again ( Creation to Greeks) with them. I was able to borrow it from a friend ..Praise the Lord for his beautiful provision! I would like to incorporate some lap booking into it by using some of Homeschool in the Woods . I might use Christina Liberty Press's new preschool activity book with my 3 1/2 year old....not sure though.

Besides all of that we've been trying to get firewood cut for this winter. We are a little behind on that. Last year we split and stacked all of the wood we had, on Labor day weekend. We sure are hoping to do the same this year. I have a blessing to share of God's provision in regards to the firewood. My husband was working very hard back in our woods over the weekend....searching for trees to cut up. At the very back of our property he found a great big oak tree that had recently been uprooted (in a storm or downdraft, I guess). It fell on a Maple tree uprooting it as well. Two big beautful trees made of wood that are perfect for burning (some wood burns better then others). He said he would have not cut them down because they were so big (not the safest to cut down without help) He thinks those two trees cut up and split with what he has already cut up, will be enough firewood to get us through the winter.

On another note....our chickens started laying this week. My 8 year old son has loved going out in the chicken coop several times a day to check for eggs. So far today we have gotten 5. I had to go out today and get them some layer they just finished up the growe/finisher feed I had them on. I also bought some cracked corn to mix in with the feed and some grit (helps them digest) that I put in a separate container near their food. I wasn't expecting them to be laying so soon. I went grocery shopping just a day before they started laying and bought to dozen eggs. I guess we will be eating alot of deviled eggs or egg salad : )

Well this is my latest update....need to go make dinner. I didn't realize how late it was getting .

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