Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Waiting is a hard thing for me to do. I'm not very good at it : ) We've had our house for sale for almost a month. We've had calls but no one has come to look : ( I pray often asking the Lord
to help me be content with His plan....whatever that maybe but I have to admit I 'm starting to feel very unsettled.

I need a creative outlet & I just haven't had the time (maybe it's patience) to learn something new... like knitting, sewing, etc. to fill that need to create. So I've just always put that creative energy into my home. I'm always working on the next project or idea in my head to make my home warm, comfortable and inviting. Now I just feel stuck trying not to put my heart, dreams, & hopes into a home that may not be mine for much longer. I've been trying to look ahead and hope, dream and plan for our next home but I don't know when that will or ever will be, so I don't want to get my hopes up or get ahead of God's plans for us.
This possible move seems to be putting alot of things on hold and I'm just feeling very impatient & discouraged : (

Okay that was just a little venting I needed to get out to someone. I'm trying not to vent to my husband...he's heard enough of it already LOL!

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wifeandmom said...

Hey there! I am on this thing for just a few minutes and thought I would dash over to your place to check the news. I see there isn't much as of late. You must be busy getting ready for homeschool this year... :)

I liked this last post. It is nice when we can vent because we all go through seasons like this and it is nice to know we aren't alone in them. I understand impatience and discouragement and the need to vent about it. Somehow we are wired to feel a little better when we do. I suppose it is that bearing one another's burdens thing. ;) I also like what you said about pouring your energies into home and making it nice for your family. I so indentify with that too and the need to just feel settled. I will continue to pray with you all in this as you wait.

Take care and I'll talk to you later.