Saturday, October 24, 2009

What we've been up to

This week has been a long one. We've had sickness makes it way through our family. I'm guessing it's THE FLU, because that is what's going around . It seemed like a typical one was so sick that they needed to be seen by a doctor, although some of my kids were sicker then the others. My oldest daughter spent 2 full days on the couch because she was too dizzy to get up. There were fevers, headaches and coughs...which the cough is still lingering....just going to keep an eye on that and make sure it doesn't get worse. Neither my husband or I are sick...hoping we don't get it but if we do at least we aren't sick while the kids are.

Out of the blue this week we got an exciting phone call. Someone is very interested in our house! They said they had driven past it several times and really like what they see from the outside...they have been looking for a house to buy for the past 7 or 8 months but I guess just haven't found one. They were scheduled to come look at it today but cancelled because of a work schedule change. Although I was disappointed, I'm glad they did because my 11 year old daughter, who was the last of our children to get sick, is still not feeling well.

I really wasn't expecting anyone to call because we haven't advertised in awhile, just our " for sale by owner" sign in the front yard. I had given up hope that it would sell and just found contentment in staying here or whatever happens with our housing situation. I kind of find it interesting when I "let go".....I am reminded that God is very capable and in control of this situation. Still though, I am finding that anxiety coming back ...about hoping the house sells, looking ahead too far, instead of just living for today, and where we will go from here.....sure hope this wasn't a test, because I am failing : ( I do hope the family calls back & still wants to see the house. If you would like to lift this situation up to the Lord in prayer, I would be grateful : )
Well that's our update...not much to say, I know. I'm just a pretty ordinary kind of woman.


wifeandmom said...

Sorry to hear sickness was at your house. Ours too. The flu as well. :{ Yuk!

The phone call about your house is encouraging. I will be hoping and praying with you that they call back. I will also be praying everyone gets and stays well at your house.

By the way, your blog is very pretty and ordinary is BEAUTIFUL in God's sight. ;)

Just Me said...

I'm so glad to hear from you Rebecca..been thinking about you and checking your blog.

Did you and the baby have the flu as well? I hope not: (