Friday, October 16, 2009

Who would have known

Recently, I bought my daughter a pair of earrings that she asked for. They are peace signs. She told me later on , after I bought them that her friend's mother would not allow her to where anything with a peace symbol on it because it was related to witches or something. Huh? I've never heard this before...I just always saw it as some 60's hippie symbol - love, peace, happiness....nothing else. So I looked it up and I found this . Okay now I have a dilemma, I suppose. Should I let her wear them or not? I really don't see the harm in them because we didn't know that it meant anything bad and I bet most people don't. I would like to hear others thoughts....ever heard anything about this.


Everybody's Mama said...

We had a Bible study with friends this morning and it just so happened that the peace symbol was brought up. When I shared that it actually symbolized anything but peace and why, some of them had never heard this.

I personally do not allow my children to wear it but I explain to them why. My 7 year old daughter attended a children's event at another church recently. They divided them into groups and used face paintings to designate the groups. Wouldn't you know hers was a peace sign! She was uncomfortable with that. But in that case I let it slide simply under the circumstances. It wasn't like I had control over the gathering. But when I get the opportunity to speak privately to the coordinator I plan to share my concerns in a nice way.

When it comes to clothing and accessories I feel I need to help them make the best choices so we say no. There have been other things in the past that I didn't know about but changed my convictions when I grew in knowledge. So if it doesn't feel right then it is ok to say, hey, I learned 'this' and it isn't pleasing to God. Maybe we should consider this more closely.

When you know better you do better. May God bless you as you seek to honor Him in new ways. :)

Just Me said...

Everybody's Mama ~ thank you so much for your response.I'm glad to hear that other people are familiar with this. It seems to me that so many things have underlying meanings and I never thought anything about a peace sign being a satanic type symbol. I'm glad my daughter told me about it because I would have never known. Thankfully I still have the receipt and I can take them back and have her choose something else.