Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Advantages of Homeschooling

So often when the subject of homeschooling comes up with those that are not familiar with it, you here many of the same questions. "What about friends for your kids?" "What about sports?" "What educational level do you have that qualifies you to teach your children?"  To the latter , I can't come up with a better answer then.... we are their parents...we want what's best for our children....what better teacher then a loving parent.

We as parents know our children. We know their interests. So we encourage and help them persue their interests, the best that we can. They don't need "school" to learn and do the things they love. Actually, I believe one of the biggest advantages of homeschooling is that our children can pursue  interests,that they might not have had the opportunity to pursue had they been in school. As a homeschooling mom I have tried to instill the love of reading and learning in my children. Some of my kids LOVE to read and others not so much, unless of course it's something they are interested in : )  The children of mine that don't love to read are more hands on kind of learners and that's okay. 

Although we do incorporate textbooks into our homeschooling, I've always appreciated real life learning in our homeschooling. I find my kids remember the most that way.
As each new year of homeschooling draws near, I try to take the time to ask my children what they want to learn about or do in their homeschooling for the year.

 One of those years I asked this question, my son said he wanted to learn about mushing and wanted to build a dog sled. So we started researching. We found a blueprint on the internet to make a sled.  My husband who is woodworker by trade helped my son make his homemade sled. Even my son's grandfather had imput on making the sled with his experience in making rocking chairs (homeschooling is family friendly too, even grandpas can participate) We added two more huskies to our family ( we already had two dogs at the time, one of them being a husky). God brought great mentors into my son's life. My son is well on his way to really pursuing his dreams. So what's my point....don't allow the unknown, fears, and doubts of homeschooling, to hinder you.  God is our guide, no matter where our children go to school. He knows the plans He has for our children .

  Below is a picture of my son back in Jan., at a race where he placed first in his class.


wifeandmom said...

This brings training a child in the way he should go to mind. Each according to his or her bent. Homeschooling a wonderful way to do that as you have written here. I love the picture of your son on that sled. How incredibly proud you must be of him.

Everybody's Mama said...

lol All my children are gathered around the computer looking at this picture oohing and aahing at the "snow dogs"...they thought it was pretty neat that he homeschools like them. Thanks for sharing this. :)

Just Me said...

Rebecca...Yes, very proud of him and how much we love those dogs: ) The white dog in the picture, in the back on the right, just recently was really tough on all of us. We are fortunate to live in an area where we get snow. The picture of him with his dogs was a race that was only about 45 min. from home....what a huge blessing to have something so near.

Everybody's Mama ~ LOL! Kids just love snow dogs, don't they? See homeschoolers can accomplish many exciting things...they aren't unsocialized, uneducated misfits : ) I must not be a good example of a homeschooling mom though, when I look back at my spelling mistakes and such in this post. LOL!