Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Home

Being a stay at home mom for over 14 years has brought many blessings and struggles to me.  One of the first struggles I experienced as a stay at home mom was loneliness & feeling useless. I use to think if I could bring home a paycheck I could offer so much more to my family. The Lord has brought me a long way in that area, however, and now it's hard for me to imagine being anywhere else but home.

Another area I struggled with (and still do at times) is contentment with my home. I don't know how other SAHM feel but for me being home so often I notice the condition of my home, ALOT more.  There are so many things I would like to change and I find myself getting frustrated when we can't afford to. I would see what other friends homes looked like, compared to mine and that would bring more discontentment. The Lord is teaching me though. Teaching me how to be content with what I have. Over the years I've learned to  get creative and found a few things that allow me to decorate and make my home cozy and comfortable but still do it within our means. They are ...using what I already have, garage sales, flea markets, thrift shops, clearance shopping and paint.  

 In the first picture below is a set of pottery dishes (with flowers) that were passed down to me by a family member. I knew that I wanted to display them but realized you didn't really notice them that much against a cream colored wall.  So I found paint that matched one of the colors in the dishes and painted just the wall that the dishes would be displayed on. I think it really makes the dishes stand out.  Although the picture doesn't do it justice.
In the dining area of my kitchen all of the things you see in the picture (except for the curtains) I either found on clearance, at a flea market or garage sale or they were given to me. The dining table was given to me. I sanded it down and painted the legs and put a fresh coat of polyurethane on the top. The table has gotten too small for our family, but I am eyeing a dining set that I found at second hand store. Hoping to save some money to purchase it.
This last picture is a view of our living room from the kitchen. I love how it's all open. I can always see what the kids are doing when I'm busy in the kitchen.


Everybody's Mama said...

I love your home! It is so spacious! We have lived in pastoriums (sometimes also called parsonages) for many years now. So it varies how nice they are or how large. This one is the smallest one we've been in, but it is home. It gets a little overwhelming at times trying to keep a place for things. But when we come in out of the cold I never cease to thank God for my cozy little home!

wifeandmom said...

I love your pictures! Your kitchen is so pretty. The rich wine color is gorgeous behind your beautiful dishes. I like the eating area too. I bet this is where a lot of learning takes place. Makes me want to come by for a visit, pull up a chair and ask you a bunch of homeschooling/ mothering questions. :)

I have to comment on your fireplace and mantle too. Beautiful stone and oak. Did your husband make that mantle?

I appreciate this post about making do with what you've got or coming by it affordably. It is something I identify with very well. Thanks for sharing these fun pictures and for your thoughts on contentment.



The McKinney Family said...

Thank you so much for that post. I, too, struggle with feeling like my home isn't as nice as others. We have a lot of mismatched furniture that was given to us. We're getting ready to move into a tiny apartment or home for my husband to go to seminary, but as we get rid of stuff we don't have room for, I'm going to remember this post and try to make it pretty with what I have. You should write more often- you're very encouraging :).

SimpleMommy said...

LOVE the wall! Isn't it great how just a tiny bit of color changes everything. Makes it look so fresh and clean!