Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Weekend

We enjoyed a long awaited family get away this past weekend. We drove 6 hours to northwestern New York , so that our son could participate in a race. It was a two day race. Each day he raced 4.9 miles. There was some pretty impressive competition but he did well considering. He placed 11th out of twenty-seven ,4 dog teams. Although the trip was mostly for him, everyone had a great time at the race and the kids loved sleeping in a hotel and going out to dinner : )
Arriving at the race site.

Our daughter standing at the finish line, waiting for her big brother.

My son at the finish line on the second day of the race.

We arrived home late Sunday night. We spent yesterday getting everything back in order. I'm getting ready to start a pot of homemade chicken broth, for soup we will be having for dinner. Then I will get our school day started. Have a great day!

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wifeandmom said...

11th out of 27 teams. That's awesome! I am so glad you had fun. Thanks for posting pictures of your trip.