Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter Blues

How I long to see these flowers in my front yard again! Winter is so long here. It makes me depressed. I'm cold all the time...tired of trying to keep warm.  I sure am grateful for my electric blanket though, but it's too big to drag around the house during the day : )  We have a little electric heater that we sit in front of during the day when I'm doing school with the kids. That's helpful.

 I'm sitting here in a quiet house (kind of nice) because I just didn't have it in me to get up and go to church with my family this morning.  I cleaned up the kitchen...had lots of pots and pans to wash. I put a rump roast in the oven because my dad is coming for dinner today. It was his birthday last week & we weren't able to get together, so I thought it might be nice to make him a nice meal. He's been having some financial struggles and doesn't have the money to treat himself to meals like this often.

We will be having my famous homemade mashed potatoes (at least they are famous in my family : ) , corn, a salad and of course roast beef with gravy. I think I'm going to make him some banana bread to take home, once the roast is done. I need two ovens : ) He's doesn't really like sweets, so I don't think I'm going to make a cake for him.

I took my 4 year old daugter to a different dentist this past week. I was hoping to find a dentist willing to work with us, in regards to a treatment plan that I was comfortable with,  for her decayed teeth. The only option I was given was to sedate her and he also blamed me for her tooth decay because I nursed her to long. Oh joy!...I guess this is all adding to that depressed feeling. I know it will pass, and the warm weather will be here before we know it....just venting : )


Everybody's Mama said...

Ah, so you're one of those heathen folks, layin out of church, huh? *wink* me too today. I'm still having some issues with pain and the kids have been sick with flu. I wasn't sure when it would be safe, didn't want to infect the whole church!

Anyway, my 5 year old daughter has the same problems with her teeth. Our dentist has just been leaving them like they are. I'm a little nervous about it as one is decayed all the way to the gumline. But he says if they pull it, it will mess up her permanent teeth. he says it is still holding the space for the permanent tooth. Now he just recently filled a cavity on an upper molar. But one of GuitarMan's friends (age 19 gorgeous smile)her mom said hers were the same way and they left them alone. So I am holding my breath!

And don't feel bad...she never took a bottle, never went to bed with a sippie and this dentist considers breastfeeding helpful for teeth, so he told me I was feeding her too much candy.

wifeandmom said...

The picture of your yard makes me yearn for Spring too. This has been a long winter... It's that Global Warming thing. But you should see right now what I am looking at. Ice everywhere with the sun glistening through the crystals. It is absolutely stunning! The glory of God is found even in the dead of winter. :) I am with you though. It's time to look toward to Spring with great anticipation. I will be praying about your daughter and the dentist. Don't let what they said get you down. The health benefits of extended nursing will far, FAR outweigh a few decayed baby teeth!

Just Me said...

Everybody's Mama ~ It's encouraging to hear that I'm not alone when it comes to the tooth decay problem. I really don't want my child put under general anesthesia to have work done, if I don't have to.I want to explore all options. I want to find the safest yet most comfortable option for her. All dentists I've seen so far,don't agree I should leave them like they are and really talk to me like I'm some kind of idiot for not wanting to use general anesthesia. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a third dentist, to get a third opinion. Praying I will find peace with it all.

Everybody's Mama said...

Sorry to take up your comment section..I just wanted to chime in with wifeandmom and agree that extended nursing is such a blessing! I allowed mine to self wean. FlowerChild weaned at 27 months, just a week before LadyBug was born. LadyBug weaned so gradually that I'm just not even sure just how old she was, 3 yrs I know. Cornbread is 21 months and he is still nursing. He is so cute because he just gets soooo happy when I tell him he can "rock-rock" LOL (and I should have added on that previous comment, but I don't feed ladyBug anything differently from the other children!)

Just Me said...

Wife and Mom ~
Been meaning to reply to your emails...please forgive me for not doing so. Life has been crazy and overwhelming lately. Life with teens and toddlers is so different then when all my kids were under 12
I do often think the snow is beautiful but lately.... no : ( I think it's just more an irritation to all the other things going on in our life right now. I need a change....something to look foward to. Thanks for the prayers. I'm really hoping to come to a decision that I feel at peace with.

Just Me said...

Everybody's Mama ~ I had to giggle at your little guy being so happy when he gets to "rock rock". My daughter was like that. She weaned a few months back, just before she turned 4. Actually I did encourage it a little bit. If I didn't I think she would still be doing it because she still asks here and there to nurse. All 5 of my children, except the first nursed longer, except my first and of course he didn't have problems with his teeth : )

Jackie said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. It's great to meet other homebirth advocates, how exciting to hear about your breech birth at home. Good for you!!